IMB Faculty

The IMB faculty are 12 professors housed in the Kasha Laboratory Building. They are also associated  with the Molecular Biophysics Graduate Program (MOB) along with many other MOB faculty from Chemistry & Biochemistry, Biological Science, Physics, Biomedical Science and Engineering.

MOB Faculty

The MOB faculty includes the 12 professors housed in KLB as well as many others whose labs are located in other buildings in the Science areas of campus. All are available to mentor MOB students and serve on committees.

IMB Scientific Staff

The IMB Scientific Staff are Ph.D. level scientists who direct our Core Facilities Laboratories.

IMB Postdocs and Research Associates

The Postdocs working in the Institute come from a variety of backgrounds and are an integral part of the research community.

IMB Staff and Administration

The IMB Staff  is dedicated to helping faculty, students and postdocs with all administrative details to keep the research mission of the Institute  moving forward.  “IMB: Who to See” can help you determine which person is the right one to ask for assistance.

MOB Students

Our MOB students are a diverse, but cohesive group. Every Friday they meet in IMB for pizza and to hear about the research being conducted by members of the group. Some students have found their lab home in IMB, while others are housed in other buildings in the science complex, but all retain their identity as members of the MOB family.

Grad Students from other programs working in IMB Labs

The major professors of these students are IMB Faculty and have their labs in KLB. Students may be Chemistry, Physics, Biology or Mathematics students, but their ability to work in IMB affords them the opportunity to work with faculty and students outside of their home department.