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Lyn Kittle Obituary (2021)

Lyn Kittle joined Hal van Wart’s lab in the late 1980 as a lab technician.  Amy Sang, Eric Springman, Jenny Yang and Liz Fajer all remember her fondly as a mentor to new lab members, and being a social hub of the lab. In early 1990-ies  her mentorship skills were put to work in a professional setting when she became the Coordinator of the MOB Graduate Program. More >>>

Lyn Kittle

Celebration of Life Event

Lyn Kittle was heart and soul of MOB graduate program in the Institute of Molecular Biophysics. We miss her greatly!

Lyn Kittle Impact Award

We have established a fund for Lyn Kittle Impact Award give.fsu.edu/lynkittle.

Fond Memories of Lyn

“Lyn has in many priceless ways to help me and impact my graduate study in Hal's lab at FSU and we cherish the incredible journey we had together.” - Prof.   Jenny Yang

I am lucky to have gotten to know Lyn in the brief years I was able to share with her. I was so deeply touched by her simple kindness and her avid joy for life. Lyn brought extra color to the world and everything is little dimmer today without her in it.”- Dr. Ryan Riskowski More >>>