Available Research Facilities in addition to IMB Core Facilities

meetthemagnets-900mhz - Copy National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
The largest and highest-powered magnet laboratory in the world, home to 900 mHz NMR and High Field Pulsed EPR Spectrometers, among numerous state-of-the-art facilities.
bsir2 BSIR (Biological Science Imaging Resource)
including an FEI Titan Krios Electron Microscope, located in Bio Unit 1, next door to IMB
Bio-analytical Analytical Lab
FSU NimbleGen Microarray Facility
DNA Sequencing Laboratory

Molecular Cloning Laboratory
Located in the Department of Biological Science, King Building.
Bass Lab BASS Lab (Biochemical Analysis and Synthesis Service)
located in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department
MASS Spec Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
located in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department
Translational Science Lab opening Translational Lab
Located in the College of Medicine
Liam_Longo Core Labs located in the College of Medicine
including Cell Culture, Flow Cytometry, Confocal Microscopy and Protein Biology Laboratory