Computer Resources

Computer Resources provides basic services such as e-mail, disk storage space, access to network, routine maintenance of computers, installation and upgrade of software & operating systems, and printing services. Director of the facility, Dr. Michael Zawrotny, has over ten years of experience in system maintenance and operation. Dr. Zawrotny is also available for consultation on scientific computational projects and code.

Erick Aitchison 3 copyHardware & Software

Computer Resources provides resources for regular and high performance computational hardware and software in Linux and Windows platforms. We also have 3D-stereo graphical workstations and poster printing equipment. A variety of scientific software is made available to members of IMB. These include x-ray refinement, NMR data processing, electrostatics and analysis, structure calculation, structure visualization, and molecular graphics.

IMB Maillists

IMB mailists are semi-closed and e-mail addresses originating within FSU are allowed to subscribe and post to the lists.

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Poster Preparation and Printing

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Computer Resources

Computer Resources Facility Director
Zawrotny, Mike

Dr. Michael Zawrotny
Office 415 KLB
Telephone: 850-644-0069