Core Research Facilities in IMB


All the members of the Institute of Molecular Biophysics and the FSU scientific community have access to central resources called Core Research Facilities. Housed in the Kasha Laboratory Building these facilities include a Protein Expression Facility (PEF), an X-Ray Crystallography Facility (XRF) and a Physical Biochemistry Facility (PBF). We also have participate in a University-wide shared High Performance Computing Facility with nearly 7000 cores and advanced visualization capabilities. The Core Facilities have equipment, provide expertise, and help users successfully carry out their experiments. Each Facility is headed by a qualified scientist with numerous years of experience and training. There are several IMB maillists that are specific to individual core facilities (semi-closed to prevent spam).

User Fees

Starting in September 2009, PBF, PEF, and XRF have introduced user-fees to defray part of the cost of running these three facilities. For more information the fee structure for the individual Facility follow the appropriate link.

PBF Fee Structure | PEF Fee Structure | XRF Fee Structure

Common Equipment Labs in IMB

Second (KLB 215) and fifth (KLB 515) floors of Kasha Laboratory have common equipment labs. These labs have shared equipment such as high-speed centrifuges, ultra-cold refrigerators, and autoclaves.

Research Shops in IMB

The Institute also has a machine shop, wood/cabinet shop and electronics shop headed by qualified personnel to help the students, post-docs, and professors machine, modify, or make components for their research work.

Other Available Research Facilities

Departments of Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, College of Medicine, and the National High Field Magnetic Laboratory have other research facilities that are available for use by Molecular Biophysics faculty and students.

Core Facility Contacts
Computer Resources Facility Director: Dr. Michael Zawrotny Phone: 850-644-0069 Maillist: IMBPeople Location: KLB 415 Physical Biochemistry Facility Director: Dr. Claudius Mundoma Phone: 850-644-5147 Location: KLB 311-318 Maillist: PBFusers Protein Expression Facility Director: Dr. Phone: 850-644-1421 Location: KLB 312 Suite Maillist: PEFusers X-Ray Facility Director: Dr. T. "Soma"sundaram Phone: 850-644-6448 Location: KLB 410-413 Maillist: Xrayusers URL: Common Equipment Labs Electronics--Contact: Rick Wang 850-645-3309 Machine Shop & Building Maintenance--Contact: Wade Baggett 850-644-1419