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Since Uzgiris and Kornberg showed that lipid monolayers formed excellent substrates for 2-D crystallization of proteins and macromolecular assemblies. We are using this technique to crystallize cytoskeletal proteins and their complexes. One of these molecules currently being studied is the actin crosslinking protein alpha-actinin. 2-D crystals of alpha-actinin have been formed on positively charged lipid monolayers. In addition, paracrystalline aggregates of F-actin and the complex between F-actin and α-actinin have also been formed on these same lipid monolayers. The technology for formation of 2-D paracrystalline bundles of F-actin on lipid monolayers makes it possible to study additional complexes between F-actin and its crosslinkers which hitherto had formed 3-D gels or bundles. The image to the right was published from Biophys. J. 67, 1976-1983 in 1994.


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