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Tailgate Party!

Here are some images from an FSU tailgate party.

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Gernot Beinbrech

Gernot Beinbrech made us some good food before leaving for Tucson, AZ and later back to Germany.

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Thomas Wendt’s going away party.

Thomas had a going away party for himself.  He made some great food and provided German beer.  Many hours were spent talking about anything but science.

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Villin Homology Model

Villin homology model fit to villin actin rafts.

This was submitted  by Cheri Hampton.

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New Movies!

Recent movies as of September 9, 2010

Wu et al., Movie S3-rpt136

Wu et al., Movie S1-rpt033

Wu et al., Movie S6-rpt348

Wu et al., Movie S5-rpt311

Wu et al., Movie S4-rpt417

Wu et al., Movie S2-rpt055

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