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Structure of Integrins in the Membrane

I was a Ph.D. student in Prof. Taylor’s laboratory from 2002-2005. My project was to obtain a 3-D image of an integrin in both the active and inactive states while the protein was embedded in a lipid bilayer, its normal state in the cell. I isolated and purified the α-IIb Β3 integrin in a triton solubilized form from platelets, removed any active integrins by chromatography, and reincorporated the inactive integrins into small unilamellar vesicles. I collected tilt series of these integrins-vesicles in both the inactive state as isolated from the cells and also in an activated state using Mn++ and obtained 3-D images using electron tomography. These specimens were preserved in the frozen hydrated state. Subvolumes of individual integrins were extracted, aligned and classified to produce 3-D images with improved signal-to-noise ratio so that the molecular conformation could be elucidated. Publication of this work is currently in progress.


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