Active Learning in Introduction to Biology I (BSC 2010)

As part of NSF CAREER award “Structural biology of Sulfite Reductase teaches about basic biology” (1149763), I have developed active learning activities that link concepts we cover in each unit in BSC 2010 to ongoing research in my laboratory.

1) How do we classify biomolecules? UNIT1_argumentation_activity

2) How do bacteria control gene expression? UNIT2_gene-control-ecoli

3) How do we understand enzyme activity? UNIT3_argumentation-enzymes

4) How does the molecular biology of the cell relate to biotechnology? UNIT4_recombinant-gene-expression


Size in Biology

How do you think about size in Biology? This displaying the King Building shows to-scale renderings of elements of biology, from a single carbon atom to the pentamer of phage phiM12, that represent active areas of research by faculty in the Department of Biological Science. The display was made in collaboration with Windham Graves of the FAR facility at FSU.