X-Ray Facility User Fees

PO and LN requirement effective July 01, 2018

A purchase order number and line number are required before XRF can begin services for both internal and external customers.

Current Fees Effective from July 01, 2019

After providing the services free of charge since its inception in 1994, the XRF Director was asked in 2010 to charge the users a fee to defray at least part of the cost of running the Facility. A fee structure was implemented in July 2010 and updated in July 2013 to recoup only the consumable expenses. The rates will be adjusted annually or as needed to reflect the actual cost of consumables and other expenses. To encourage new users and expand the user base, exploratory use will  remain free of charge.

The usage fee structures are shown below both for home-source, protein crystal screening,  and synchrotron-source usages. There is one category for home-use both for screening and data collection and will be by the hour. There is one category for protein crystal screen consisting of 96 conditions of Hampton Research or Rigaku Wizard Screens (formerly Emerald BioSystems). A new category of ARI Crystal Gryphon 96-well plate crystal set-up will begin in August 2014. There are two categories for synchrotron usage: remote and mail-in data collections. The remote usage will be by the hour and the mail-in will be by trip. The bills be sent out at the end of month of usage to the PI.

Home-source Usage Fee Structure

Crystal Screening Service Fee Structure

  • ARI Crystal Gryphon 96-well plate set-up: $19.31/plate [all supplies provided by the user; Lab Crystal Robot]
  • ARI Crystal Gryphon 96-well plate set-up: $50.36/plate [all supplies provided by the XRF; limited screens only; XRF Crystal Robot]
  • Formulatrix Formulator 16: Screen set-up [coming soon!]
  • Formulatrix Rock Imager: $2.63/usage

Synchrotron-source Usage Fee Structure

  • Mail-in crystallography [Mail-in]: $250.00/mail-in
  • In-person/remote data collection [Remote]: $149.50/hour
  • Two-day Mail-in shipping fee [Shipping] (one-way): $34/one-way
  • Two-day Mail-in shipping fee (two-way):$71/two-way

UpdatedJuly 02, 2019.