Formulatrix Formulator 16

Formulator 16

In August 2018, we installed Formulatrix Formulator 16 at the XRF. It can make various custom screen for 96-well format crystallization plates. The Formulator is controlled by Formulator Control Software (v.; Mar 2015) as well as Formulatrix Rock Maker Enterprise (v.; Sep 2019).

Formulator 16 has 15+1 separate inputs for stock solutions and can dispense low volumes of 200 nL onto several different 96-well format plates and deep well blocks.

Rock Maker & Formulator 16 integration

I have written a documentation which integrates the Rock Imager software and Formulator 16 hardware. The manual will show how to make an optimization screen using the Rock Maker software and get it dispensed via  Formulator 16 hardware based on an initial condition. It elaborates on a regular, custom optimizations, and converting an experiment to a screen and dispensing these screens. The regular optimization assumes one has an initial “hit” condition. The custom optimization procedure shows if one does not have any initial conditions suitable for crystallization. It also shows how to simply make a 96-deep well block instead of an experimental plate. Finally, the manual shows how to dispense the screen into a plate or block.

Updated: Monday, May 03, 2021.