XRF Accessories


ARI Crystal Gryphon

We have installed the Art Robbins Instruments Crystal Gryphon 96-reservoir crystallization  robot in Kasha Laboratory (aka Institute of Molecular Biophysics), Room Number 412. Users will have to be trained by the XRF Director before using the equipment.

Crystal Chamber

XRF has a low vibration reach-in crystallization chamber in KLB 412 capable of maintaining crystals at any temperature in the range of 10 to 26° C +/- 0.5° C. Currently this chamber is maintained at 18° C. If you need to at a different chamber, please contact the XRF Director.

Cryo Storage

High Capacity cryo storage dewar HC34 from Taylor-Wharton  designed specifically to store  crystals at cryogenic temperatures for long-term (several days) is housed in KLB 412 and is available to all users. It has a 3.6″ neck diameter and accommodates six (6) separate 11″ cryo canisters. Each canister can accommodate about twenty (20) cryo canes and each cryo cane can accommodate five (5) cryo vials each.

Liquid Nitrogen Refiller

American Magnetics Inc (AMI) Model 186 Liquid Level Controller (LLC) is an advanced, microprocessor-based solution designed to provide accurate and reliable level monitoring and control of liquid nitrogen. The capacitance-based liquid level sensor, used in Model 186 LLC is 3/8 inch OD stainless steel tubing and operates with liquid nitrogen providing precise measurement of liquid level.

Digital Camera for Microscope

We have upgraded our old Moticam 1350 FireWire Camera on the Leica S8 APO microscope. The current model  is from Thor Labs. The model number is DCC1645C.


Updated: January 10, 2017.