ARI Crystal Gryphon at FSU

ARI Crystal Gryphon @ FSU

Since 2009,  X-Ray Facility has been providing protein crystal screening service (PCSS). PCSS has essentially been a manual  batch screening of 96 individual crystallization screen conditions (selected either by the user or the Facility) for a target protein at room temperature. The screens were then visually inspected at set times, scored and the results summarized for the user. Optionally, the user can request a Pre-Crystallization Test (PCT) be performed before beginning screening service to determine whether concentration of the protein being provided for screening is at optimal concentration required for screening.

In order to reduce the amount of macromolecule(s) required for screening, increase the accuracy of the screening conditions, and explore multiple screening solutions, we have obtained EIEG funding to acquired the Arts Robbins Instruments Crystal Gryphon 96-reservoir crystallization robot.

On Monday, July 28, 2014, we installed the Art Robbins Instruments Crystal Gryphon 96-reservoir crystallization  robot in Kasha Laboratory (aka Institute of Molecular Biophysics), Room Number 412 . In this page more information about using the robot is provided. In January 2016 we started to offer automated scanning and storing of images of 96-reservoir-3-well and 96-reservoir-2-well using our Simple Robotic Imager.

Currently, there are fees to use the equipment.

In August 2017 and 2019 the whole-head assembly was cleaned and refurbished.

Updated: May 03, 2021.