My YSP Alumni

I have been involved with YSP since 2007 and my projects will give a well rounded training in wet-lab (biochemistry), data collection (instrumentation), and data analysis (computational). The Individual Research Projects (IRPs) tend to be a complete project or a continuation of a project from previous year. I have been lucky enough to get good students to do IRP with me. Shown below is a short summary of YSP alumni who did IRPs with me. It gives some idea about what they did after leaving YSP and what they are currently doing. Thanks alumni for sharing this information. Please keep in touch!

  • 2007 YSP Alumni
    1. Alumni
      • Name: L. Gutermuth
      • Since IRP: B.S in Computer Science, Duke, NC
      • Current Position: Software Engineer, Amazon, Seattle, WA
        • Additional Info: YSP Counselor, FSU, 2009
    2. Alumni
      • Name: N. James
      • Since IRP: B.A in Biology, WU, Saint Louis, MO
      • Current Position: M.A in Public Health, USF, Tampa, FL
  • 2008 YSP Alumni
    1. Alumni
      • Name: S. Lee
      • Since IRP: B.A in Economics w/ Neuroscience Certificate, Princeton, NJ
      • Current Position: Under-graduate & Law-firm and Marketing intern, Princeton, NJ
    2. Alumni
      • Name: S. Sutchu
      • Since IRP: B.S in Mol Biol & Micro Biol, UCF, Orlando, FL
      • Current Position: 2nd year Medical Student, UF, Gainesville, FL
  • 2009 YSP Alumni
    1. Alumni
      • Name: A. Kirsch
      • Since IRP: B.S in Chemistry, Bryn Mawr, PA
      • Current Position: Under-graduate at Bryn Mawr, PA
        • Additional Info: YSP Counselor, FSU, 2011
    2. Alumni
      • Name: L. Chung
      • Since IRP: B.A in Social Science, Harvard, MA
      • Current Position: Under-graduate & marketing intern, Harvard, MA
  • 2010 YSP Alumni
    1. Alumni
      • Name: K. McDonald
      • Since IRP: B.S (Psychology) w/ Neuroscience Certificate, Princeton, NJ
      • Current Position: Psychology/Neuroscience Senior, Princeton, NJ
        • Additional Info: Entering graduate school soon
    2. Alumni
      • Name: C. Carvajal
      • Since IRP: No info
  • 2011 YSP Alumni
    1. Alumni
      • Name: D. Sage
      • Since IRP: National Merit Scholar in HS & back-packed in Brazil
      • Current Position: 3 rd year B.S (Biological Engineering) U. Florida, Gainesville, FL
        • Additional Information: Planning to pursue graduate school in the future
    2. Alumni
      • Name: S. Matthews
      • Since IRP: President, JSA; IB Diploma; National Merit Finalist
      • Current Position: B.S (Engg), U. Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
  • 2012 YSP Alumni
    • I didn’t sponsor anyone this year
  • 2013 YSP Alumni
    1. Alumni
      • Name: V. Ge
      • Since IRP: B.A, Wharton School, U Penn, PA
    2. Alumni
      • Name: M. Kang
      • Since IRP: B.A, Dartmouth College, NH
  • 2014 YSP Alumni
    1. Alumni
      • Name: J. Chen
    2. Alumni
      • Name: R. Smith
      • Since IRP: Duke, NC
  • 2015 YSP Alumni
    1. Alumni
      • Name: Nimesh N.
    2. Alumni
      • Name: Priya M.
      • Since IRP: Boston, MA.
  • 2016 YSP Alumni
    1. Alumni
      • Name: Philip K.
    2. Alumni
      • Name: R.Patel


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