Young Scholars Program – 2018 Individual Research Project

This is my tenth year with Young Scholars Program (YSP) from Department of Biological Science. Since 2007 I have sponsored  Individual Research Project (IRP) each year.

The aim of the project is to crystallize a protein (an enzyme) with an inhibitor molecules at different concentrations and time and study the effect on crystal dimensions . It will involve the following steps:1) Specific laboratory skills in handling liquids, biological samples and liquid nitrogen, 2) Setting-up and manually observing crystal trays of protein samples, 3) Selecting crystals and equilibrating them against inhibitor molecules at varying concentrations and times, 4) Flash cooling of crystals using gaseous/liquid nitrogen at cryo temperatures, 5) Collecting x-ray diffraction pattern at ambient and cryo conditions and obtaining crystal dimensions and space group, and 6) Drawing conclusions based on the observations.

Steps 1-3 can be completed during the first three weeks, Steps 4-6 can be completed during the 4 and 5th weeks, leaving the last week for final analysis and presentation of the results. The correlation between crystal dimensions at varying heavy atoms conditions will be the part that the student(s) will research and learn.

2018 IRP Poster

  • 2018 IRP Poster

2018 IRP Photos

Updated: January 29, 2019.