Young Scholars Program – 2013 Individual Research Project

2013-YSP-PhotoThis is my sixth year with Young Scholars Program (YSP) from Department of Biological Science since 2007 and I resumed my sponsorship of  Individual Research Project (IRP) following one year break. The following is the details of 2013 IRP.

The aim of the project is to crystallize a protein with and without nucleation helpers and study the effect of them on crystal symmetry and dimensions. It will involve the following steps: 1) Specific laboratory skills in handling liquids, biological samples and liquid nitrogen. 2) Preparation of buffer solutions, enzyme samples and crystallization plates. 3) Setting-up crystal trays with enzyme samples with and without external nucleants. 4) Optical examination of crystal trays using a light microscope and recording results. 5) Flash cooling of crystals in liquid nitrogen and storing of samples. 6)    Examination of crystals using x-ray diffraction instrument and recording results. 7) Drawing conclusions based on the observations. It is expected that Steps 1-3 can be completed during the first three weeks, Steps 4 and 5 can be completed during the fourth week, Steps 6 and 7 during the fifth week leaving the last week for final analysis and presentation of the results.

2013 IRP Paper and Poster

2013 IRP Photos

Updated: November 24, 2015.