Young Scholars Program – 2007 Individual Research Project

2007-YSP-PhotoThis is the first year I got involved with Young Scholars Program (YSP) from Department of Biological Science  and sponsored my first Individual Research Project (IRP) each year. The following is the details of 2007 IRP.

The aim of the project is to crystallize one or two biological enzymes like lysozyme and trypsin under different conditions of enzyme concentrations, drop size and salt concentrations and relate them to the quality of the crystals they produce.  The project will involve the following steps:

1) Specific laboratory skills in handling liquids, biological samples and liquid nitrogen. 2) Preparation of buffer solutions, enzyme samples and crystallization plates. 3) Setting-up crystal trays with enzyme samples and salt solutions. 4) Optical examination of crystal trays using a light microscope and recording results. 5) Flash cooling of crystals in liquid nitrogen and storing of samples. 6)     Examination of crystals using x-ray diffraction instrument and recording results. 7) Drawing conclusions based on the observations. It is expected that Steps 1-3 can be completed during the first three weeks, Steps 4 and 5 can be completed during the fourth week, Steps 6 and 7 during the fifth week leaving the last week for final analysis and presentation of the results.

2007 IRP Paper, Poster, and Photos

2007 IRP Photos

Updated: November 24, 2015.