Simple Robotic Imager Milestones

Some of the dates and milestones [Chronological]

Tue-Wed, Feb 25-26, 2014

Attend Staking Layers Conference I

Tue, June 10, 2014

My first meeting with 3-D group

Mon, July 28, 2014

ARI Crystal Gryphon Installation

Early August 2014

Students request some automation for viewing 288 well plates

Early to Mid August 2014

Discuss with Ian about building a proto-type 2-d stage

Wed, Aug 27, 2014

Micro Manager image program capabilities checked out

Mon, Sep  22, 2014

Prototype design of 2-d stage has begun

Early January 2015

Prototype design of 2-d stage completed

Fri, Feb 6,  2015

Work begins on electronic controls using LabView

Thu-Fri, Feb 19-20, 2015

Stacking Layers II at FSU

Sun, Mar 08 to Wed, Mar 11, 2015

Attend 2015 PITTCON at New Orleans, LA (Dino Scope)

Mon, Apr 27, 2015

Design of 2-d stage tweaked

Thu, Apr 30 , 2015

3-D Printing Group meeting at LSI and our robot demo

Mon, Nov 30, 2015

Abstract accepted for PITTCON 2016

Wed, Jan 13, 2016

Demonstration of Simple Imager (newer version) with MacBook

Fri, Jan 15, 2016

Data collection using Simple Imager under Linux

Wed, Jan 20, 2016

Demonstration of continuous (looping) of Simple Imager under Linux

Fri, Jan 29 , 2016

Modification of Simple Robotic Imager for 96-flat bottom well with imaging from the bottom

Mon, Feb 22 , 2016

Demonstration of Simple Robotic Imager for 96-flat bottom well with imaging from the bottom

Fri, Feb 26 , 2016

One slide presentation, program,  and poster at 2016 Life Sciences Symposium

Tue, Mar 08, 2016

Poster presentation at 2016 PITTCON

Wed, Mar 30, 2016

Demonstration at FSU 2016 Digitech

More information coming soon!

Mon, Jul 18 , 2016

Single axis LCI proof of concept ready!

Tue, Jul 26 , 2016

Give a talk about Low-cost Home-built Imager for Protein Crystal Screening [Abstract] [Photos: 1, 2]

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