Scientific Equipment Web Portal


Summer 2023 Semester: Added new Units/Departments in the main and engineering campuses

Spring 23 Semester: Updated the database


Jun 2022: Hired a student to update the database and add new equipment to the list

July 2022: Started to use the iPad App for the AiM


Aug 20, 2019: 2019 Graduate School Orientation at HCB foyer

Aug 16, 2019: 2019 Post-doctoral Fall Orientation at HSF


Fall 2018: Updated the database and added new equipment

Aug 21, 2018: 2019 Graduate School Orientation at HCB foyer

Aug 17, 2018: 2019 Post-doctoral Fall Orientation at HSF

2018 Discovery on Parade

We were an exhibitor at the 2018 Discovery on Parade #53 Scientific Equipment Management System.

2017 Prudential Productivity Award

Our team wins the 2017 Prudential Davis Productivity Cash Award for this work!

Scientific Equipment Web Portal currently hosts most of the scientific equipment available at the FSU-wide Shared Core Scientific Facilities. The public web site can be searched in multiple ways such as, equipment name, manufacturer, scientific facility, department/unit, and keywords. PIs and Core Facility Personnel can suggest an addition to the database.

Search provided detailed information of the equipment model number, manufacturer, cost of usage, hours of access, availability, training needed, user manuals, and physical location. In addition, it provides detailed information such as e-mail, phone number, and web site of  the Core Facility personnel responsible for the equipment.

Specific and filtered searches can be shared with other individuals. Individuals receiving the shared link will be able to view the exact specific and filtered results.

Updated: Wednesday, July 17, 2023.