Powder X-Ray Diffraction

Rigaku Ultima III w/ Mercury CCD

From March 2019 onward these XRD equipment are under the preview by Dr. Xinsong Lin. Please contact him for training and maintenance.

Rigaku Ultima III with Mercury CCD is a powder x-ray diffraction (pxrd) instrument that is used primarily to study nano materials. The instrument can be coupled to many attachments but by default coupled to a micro-area attachment and a Mercury CCD. The data collection is controlled by Rigaku software and data analysis performed using MDI’s Jade.

Procedures and Manuals


  • Rigaku SA-HF3 X-Ray Generator
  • Ultima III Theta-Theta Goniometer
  • Cross-Beam Optics (CBO)
  • Soller slits
  • Small-Area Attachment/Standard Sample Holder/High Temperature/SAXS
  • Scintillation Counter/Mercury CCD
  • Rigaku AreaMax software for Mercury CCD
  • MDI Jade 7
  • Control PC and Frame Grabber PC
  • Windows 2000 o/s
  • Isolated from the Internet
  • Julabo F25 MD chiller for CCD
  • Haskris chiller for generator

RigakuUltimaIII@FSUUpdatedMarch 2019.