Powder X-Ray Diffraction @ FSU

From March 2019 onward these XRD equipment are under the preview by Dr. Xinsong Lin at FSU Chem & Biochem Dept. Please contact him for training and maintenance. I am no longer associated with these instruments. These pages are maintained for historic reasons only!

There are two multi-user powder x-ray diffraction (pxrd) equipment (1) Rigaku Ultima III with CCD and (2) Panalytical X-Pert Pro w/ X’Celerator  at the Chemical Sciences Laboratory Room 1011 (CSL 1011) which provide access to fixed anode (Copper) x-ray line-source for powder samples. Since 2013 summer term, I have been conducting user-training and technical maintenance of these equipment. Those interested in using the equipment for the first time can contact me at tsomasundaram@fsu.edu or 850-644-6648 before using the equipment.

Rigaku Ultima III w/ CCD

[Specifications and manuals]


PANalytical X-Pert Pro Powder

[Specifications and manuals]

Geometry [.png] [.pdf] for PANalytical X-Pert Pro Powder at FSU


Updated: March 2019.