New User Procedure for CSL PXRD

Updated: July 2015; Original Summer 2013

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry (C&BC) has two powder XRD machines in (Chemical Sciences Lab) CSL 1011. All new users should read the following write-up before using it.


It is used mainly by nano-materials people since it needs few milligrams of powder sample. The instrument range is from 10-90° in 2-θ. It has a Rigaku Mercury CCD detector and Jade 7 software for analysis. It was installed in 2004 and runs on Windows 2000 with Rigaku control software

It is used by many groups. It can accommodate several samples simultaneously and the range is 8-110 ° in 2-θ. It has X’Celerator detector and needs several milligrams of sample as the sample holder is larger than Rigaku’s. It was installed in 2012 and runs on Windows 7 with High Score Plus as software for analysis

  • So based the type of material needed to be analyzed one can choose to get trained on either one or both of the instruments. The training on a single instrument will involve three ¾-hour sessions
  • Once trained and certified (both by the Facility Manager and FSU Safety Office) the user can collect data by themselves. X-Ray Safety Training is needed if user needs to collect data by themselves.
  • FSU Radiation Safety Office will provide a hand or body radiation dosimeter for each individual who is a regular user of the equipment
  • Access to CSL 1011 during after-office hours is restricted. Contact Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to get after-hour access
  • Neither instrument is connected to a computer network. So the user needs to bring an USB-thumb-drive to take the data back for further analysis. The data is the responsibility of the user. The Facility Manager is not responsible for lost data due the negligence of the user

Charges and Billing

  • There is a charge $10/h for usage. There is no charge for the training sessions
  • If you are from Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry the billing is done through your Fiscal Office. However, contact Dr Bert van de Burgt (850-644-3468; for details
  • If you are from other departments, you need to get an Inter Departmental Request (IDR) with at least $150 encumbered and send an electronic copy to Dr. van de Burgt (CSL 3003). If you questions about charges and billing you can contact him


  • Usually I am at CSL 1011 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings every week. I can train or help you on other days if needed and if I don’t have other commitments at IMB
  • I am 12-month faculty at Institute of Molecular Biophysics. My office is KLB 414 (Kasha Lab) my phone number is 850-644-6448. My e-mail is:
  • I don’t have access to a telephone or e-mail at CSL 1011
  • Let me know which machine and when you want to start the training so we can schedule it
  • All regular users should leave their radiation dosimeters at the entrance to CSL 1011
  • Let the Radiation Safety Office know if you are leaving FSU so that they can stop issuing dosimeters with your name on it