Protein Crystallization and X-Ray Diffraction (pcxrd)

The practical course in crystallization and diffraction is intended to be a precursor to a graduate level macromolecular crystallization special topics course but the emphasis here will be more hands-on training and lab work than the graduate course.

2014 Course Schedule

  • Duration of the program: 3 hour per session | 2 sessions per week | ~2 weeks total
  • Number of days for lectures: 3 | Number of days for experiments: 4
  • Areas covered: Wet-lab (biochemistry), instrumentation (crystallography), and computation (Linux and data processing)

 2014 Syllabus

  • 1. Symmetry, lattices, and unit cell [presentation]  |  2. Crystals and protein crystallization set-up [hands-on]
  • 3. Crystallization observation and optimization [hands-on]   | 4. X-Rays, radiation safety and X-Ray generation [presentation]
  • 5. Cryogenics safety and cryo crystallography [hands-on]  | 6. X-Ray Diffraction set-up and data collection [hands-on]
  • 7. Linux operating system and data processing [presentation] | 8. Protein Data Bank and molecular graphics [hands-on]


Photos from 2014 XRF Boot Camp.

Updated: February 19, 2019.