What’s New at Thayumanasamy Somasundaram’s pages

Thu, Feb 08, 2018

Updated photos of Improved Robotic Imager

Fri, Feb 02, 2018

Meeting with RS at IP

Sat, Jan 27, 2018

Presentation at Multicultural Leadership Summit at CGE

Wed, Jan 17, 2018

Version-2 of SRI information added to the web site.

Fri-Mon, Dec 22-Jan 01, 2017-18

University Winter Break

Mon, Dec 18, 2017

Haskris on Panalytical compressor high-pressure reset

Prism upgrade

Tue, Nov 21, 2017

Meet with Professor Sathe and his group

Wed, Nov 15, 2017

Work on HTK 1000N at PAXP


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