MOB Student Defenses (from June 2013 to present)

Date Time Location Event
Wed 26 Jun 2013 09:00 AM KLB 112 Myriam Badr Dissertation Defense
"Generation and Characterization of Fret Constructs of Cardiac Troponin C to Study Divalent Cation Dependent Structural Changes and Develop a Ca2+ Sensor"
Wed 26 Jun 2013 01:00 PM KLB 112 Nancy Ramia Dissertation Defense
"Biochemical and Structural Characterization of Bacterial Effector Complexes in Viral Defense"
Fri 28 Jun 2013 10:00 AM KLB 112 Alexis Cocozaki Dissertation Defense
"Structure and Function of the Cmr Ribonucleoprotein Complex in CRISPR RNA-Mediated RNA Cleavage"
Mon 10 Mar 2014 01:00 PM KLB 112 Dylan Murray – Dissertation Defense
“Structure of a three helix membrane protein in a lipid bilayer”
Thu 20 Mar 2014 11:00 AM KLB 112 Nabanita Das Dissertation Defense
Structure determination of M. Tuberculosis small helical membrane proteins in lipid by solid state nuclear magnetic resonance
Fri 18 Jul 2014 02:00 PM KLB 112 Aguang Dai Dissertation Defense
"Structural Study of myosin V on F-actin in the ADP.Pi condition--Identifying weak and strong binding states within a heterogeneous mixture"
Mon 03 Nov 2014 02:00 PM KLB 112 Hanaa Hariri Dissertation Defense
"Novel insights into the mechanisms involved in the formation of COPII-coated vesicles"
Tue 04 Nov 2014 03:00 PM COM 1306 Liam Longo Dissertation Defense
“Symmetry and Simplicity in Protein Evolution and Design”
Wed 28 Jan 2015 01:30 PM KLB 112 Tong Chen Dissertation Defense
"A Novel FT-ICR Ion Trap for Ultra-high Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Its Biological Application"
Mon 13 Apr 2015 01:30 PM KLB 112 Nathalie Munoz Defense
Human mesenchymal stem cells metabolism under different environmental conditions.
Mon 29 Jun 2015 02:00 PM KLB 112 Dale Bosco Dissertation Defense
"Influencing human mesenchymal stem cell behavior with small molecular compounds."
Wed 28 Sep 2016 09:30 AM KLB 112 Joana Paulino – Dissertation Defense
Dynamics of the M2 Proton Channel of Influenza A: Gating by Val27 and TRP41
Fri 17 Feb 2017 03:00 PM KLB 112 Zhongjun Hu Thesis Defense
Prof. Kenneth Taylor
A near atomic structure of the striated muscle thick filament. What does it tell us about muscle function?
Fri 02 Jun 2017 01:00 PM KLB 112 Martin Tsui – Dissertation Defense
Characterization of a Novel CRISPR Type II-C Cas 9 Endonuclease from Bacterial Thermophile Acidothermus cellulolyticus 11B
Mon 16 Oct 2017 10:00 AM KLB 112 Mike Kopylov Dissertation Defense
Insights into the Complex Formation Between Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinase and a Highly Polymorphic DNA G-Quadruplex
Mon 16 Jul 2018 10:00 AM KLB 112 Austin Schwartz Defense
Dr. Debbie Fadool
Wed 12 Dec 2018 11:00 AM KLB 112 Anuska Das Preliminary Exam