Students for the Effective Communication of Science (SECS)

President: Louis Colling | Vice-President: Anuska Das | Treasurer: Ananya Sengupta

Time: Fridays, 12:30 AM | Venue: 112 KLB

Public speaking can be one of the most difficult tasks for a scientist in any position.  Whether in academia or industry, from student to professor, the scientist needs to be an effective communicator of ideas.

The MOB graduate student group, SECS, schedules seminars once a week during the Fall and Spring terms to give students in the program the opportunity to speak in front of a group of fellow students about topics of current interest.

Through questions and discussion in this less formal seminar setting, participating students can learn how to become better lecturers and public speakers. Audience members are expected to offer suggestions for improvement as well as learn how to ask clear and concise questions in a seminar setting.

The MOB Graduate Program provides Momo’s Pizza for these meetings.


 Speaker Fall 2018
Food Pickup Food
Louis Sept 14 Ryan Pizza
 Reza Sept 21  Ruizhi Pizza
Madhurima Sept 28 Charles Pizza
Anuska Oct 5 Jiawei Pizza
Ali  Oct 12 Madhurima Pizza 
Mercedeh Oct 19 Ananya Pizza
Ruizhi Oct 26 Anuska Pizza
Jiawei Nov 2 Mercedeh Pizza
Charles Nov 9 Louis Pizza
Ananya Nov 16 Ali Pizza
Ryan Nov 30 Yu Pizza
 Yu Dec 7   Reza  Pizza


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