Time: Tuesdays, 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM | Venue: KLB 112 (Kasha Laboratory)

Fall 2012 Seminars


OPEN for 2 student slots


09/11/2012; Tuesday

11:15 AM

Dan Stribling, FSU

Quantitative Understanding of Biomolecular Recognitions Via the Free Energy Simulation Method

09/18/2012; Tuesday

11:15 AM

Michael Roper,
FSU Chemistry

Investigating cellular systems using microfluidic devices

09/25/2012; Tuesday

11:15 AM

Zhenbang Chen,
Meharry, Nashville, TN
Host: Sang

PTEN Signaling pathways and prostate cancer progression

10/02/2012; Tuesday

11:15 AM

Jose Pinto,

Defining TNNC1 as a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy susceptibility gene

10/09/2012; Tuesday

11:15 AM

Richard Kuhn,
Host: Hengli Tang

Structure and Replication of Dengue Virus

10/16/2012; Tuesday

11:15 AM

Nick Young,

The Role of Combinations of Post-translational Modifications in Chromatin Biology: Direct Measurement of Multivalent ‘PTM Isoforms’

10/23/2012; Tuesday

11:15 AM

Tom Pollard,
Host: Zhou

Molecular mechanisms of cellular motility and cytokinesis

10/30/2012; Tuesday

11:15 AM

Donald Hamelberg,
Georgia State
Host: Yang

Probing the intricate coupling between enzyme dynamics and substrate turnover during catalysis

11/06/2012; Tuesday

11:15 AM

Jessie Zhang,
U Texas
Host: Yang

Unmask CTD code for transcription regulation

11/13/2012; Tuesday

11:15 AM

Hedi Matoussi,
FSU Chemistry

Functional inorganic nanocrystals as tunable platforms for sensing and imaging


11:15 AM

Nancy Ramia,
MOB student

Qian Zhang,
Chemistry student

Towards the characterization of a DNA silencing complex in Bacteria

Protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions monitored by hydrogen deuterium exchange coupled with FT-ICR MS


11:15 AM

Alexis Cocozaki,
MOB student

Myriam Badr
MOB Student

Assembly and Cleavage Activity of the CRISPR-Associated Cmr Complex

Divalent cation binding to cardiac Troponin C studied by FRET using a novel experimental design

12/04/2012; Tuesday

11:15 AM

Dr. Jonathan Dennis
FSU Biology

The surprising organization of the human genome