Memories of Lyn Kittle

“Lyn has in many priceless ways to help me and impact my graduate study in Hal’s lab at FSU and we cherish the incredible journey we had together.” – Prof.   Jenny Yang.

I am lucky to have gotten to know Lyn in the brief years I was able to share with her. I was so deeply touched by her simple kindness and her avid joy for life. Lyn brought extra color to the world and everything is little dimmer today without her in it.”- Dr. Ryan Riskowski.

“I am devastated to learn about Lyn’s passing. She was there every step of the way, including my daughter’s birth prior to my graduation.”
– Dr. Anna Wright.

“I will always remember Lyn’s incredible enthusiasm for working with students. Her genuine joy for her work was infectious, and it was a pleasure having her as a part of the IMB family.” -Prof. Scott Stagg.

“Lyn Kittle brought so much joy, love, and fun to the MOB family, she was our unsung hero, and we miss her tremendously.” – Prof. Q-X Sang.

“Lyn was heart and soul of MOB program and the Institute.   Institute culture today is very much Lyn’s  creation and influence.” -Prof. Peter Fajer.

“Lyn found a way to connect with students, staff, and faculty. She touched our lives at IMB. We will miss her smile and gracious presence.” – Dr. Thayumanasamy Somasundaram.

“Lyn was a big part of why I came to the MOB program at FSU: She was encouraging, thoughtful, and organized like no one else. She quickly became my mother away from home. I could come to her with any problem and she would know just what to do. She will be missed dearly.” -Dr. Travis Hand.

“Lyn was always smiling and willing to help. She will be remembered fondly.” – Dr. Nilakshee Bhattacharya.

“Lyn played a key role in conceiving and implementing the MOB program in the 1990s. Her passion for the program was evident when she returned to the IMB years later. She was a kind and optimistic person who easily drew people to her. I’m glad to have gotten to know her, and will miss her.” -Prof. Richard Bertram.

“Indeed, Lyn was a force for the general good.  Upon hearing that I was going to Zimbabwe on my many trips – she simply asked – “What can I do for folks back home?”  I mentioned that I was supporting some artists in Zimbabwe.  She bought a set of pencils and some premium art supplies.  This is the memory I have of Lyn – she will be forever young.  This is the drawing that the young Artist from Zimbabwe made of Lyn.  Artist name:  Godknows Masiri” -Dr. Claudius Mundoma.

“I have always considered Lyn as the ‘mother of MOB’ because of how she always took care of the students in the program (and I know I told her that before). Before I moved to Tallahassee, I was searching for an apartment to stay in for a long time. I found a place and I was ready to sign the lease without ever setting foot in Tally. When Lyn learned about it, she offered to check out the place on my behalf and talked to the landlord outside of her work schedule. She donated things to me so that I can have some essentials needed in the apartment, which made my relocation a lot less stressful. I enjoyed the time being able to talk to her about different issues or problems in life, and I appreciated her for willing to listen to me whenever I needed her support. In my opinion, she is a great person that is irreplaceable.” –Dr. Martin Tsui.

“Lyn’s expression that people need to have and face their challenges in life. She faced her biggest challenge in last 6 years of her life. I learned a lot from her.” “Lyn liked to drink tea. I do not know whether there was any connection to her British roots or not. She would keep an extra bag for me in her office in Molecular Biophysics building.” Dr. Alla Korepanova.

Lyn touched my inner core tremendously. I was happy to have her in my life and to rely on her wide smile and tight hug. They assured me that everything would be fine. I will be coming back to these memories for the rest of my life. I wish that Lyn could be remembered forever because she was The Human Being: respectful, understanding, supportive, strong spirit, aware of significance of everyone’s life and of meaning of life. It was easy to tell her that I considered her my mom here in the United States. It is difficult to accept that she passed away so very soon. -Dr. Jana Sefcikova.

“When I think of Lyn, the fist thing that comes to mind is her big bright smile, everyday, every time you talk to her. She will be dearly missed! She is the definition of positivity and kindness. I will carry the good memories with me, and remember all the good times we shared. I remember the parties at her house, bringing us all together, and helping us navigate stressful times, always there! She will be missed…” -Dr. Myriam Badr.

“Lyn’s smile has been curved in our memories. She was more a friend, a family member, than an institute staff to me, my students, and my entire group. Her smile blows away any moody feeling of the day” -Prof. Wei Yang.

“Lyn was the best friend one could ever have, an irreplaceable colleague, and most importantly, a happy entropy reducer. I will miss her dearly.” – Prof. Hong Li