Lyn Kittle 2012

About Lyn Kittle

Lyn Kittle joined Hal van Wart’s lab in the late 1980 as a lab technician.  Amy Sang, Eric Springman, Jenny Yang and Liz Fajer all remember her fondly as a mentor to new lab members, and being a social hub of the lab. In early 1990-ies  her mentorship skills were put to work in a professional setting when she became the Coordinator of the MOB Graduate Program. In the few years before the birth of her second daughter, Hallie  Lyn implemented the reorganization of the program. Nearly all aspects of the program from academics (rotations, prelims, prospectus defense) and social (Wakulla Springs conferences,  new student’s welcoming parties) have Lyn’s fingerprints all over them. Forward seventeen years, Lyn returned to be a Program Coordinator and slid into her new/old role without missing a beat. New students to take care of,  counsel and console. Not many academic mentors can boast to have children named after them. We thought we had it made till Lyn fell ill with ALS.