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Appointment papers Regina  4-4474
Appointment papers–MOB Jana 4-1012
Budget Management:
C&G (Office of Research)
Federal Grants
Regina or Sharon 4-4474
4-4917 or
RF (Research Foundation)
Private Grants
Sharon or Regina 4-1209
4-4474 or
State, Markey, Startup, SRAD Regina 4-4474
Building Problems:
Lights/plumbing/AC/ Cleaning/ Mechanical/ Electrical Wade 4-1416
Problems/Assistance Mike Z. 4-0069
Grant Submission: Inform Regina as far in advance as possible as to the deadline.
Aid with budget preparation Regina 4-4474
Institutional approvals Regina 4-4474
Car Keys Rachael 4-4764
Car problems/maintenance Wade 4-4005
Conference room schedule Rachael 4-4764
Conference room equipment Rick 4-3309
Copier/Fax problems Rachael 4-4764
Keys All Support Staff 4-4474
Key requests MUST be made via Regina; NO ONE may go directly to Key Bank–Rachael acts as backup when Regina is unavailable.
Mail (In and Out) Rachael 4-4764
Phone problems/moves Regina 4-4474
Property Records Rick 5-3309
Sensitive problems (pay/personnel) Regina 4-4474
Supplies for Admin/Faculty Rachael 4-4764
Telephone list Rachael 4-4764
MOB Program:
All inquiries/problems Jana 4-1012
Pay-Missing/errors/questions Regina 4-4474
Summer Salaries/Faculty Regina 4-4474
Travel Reimbursement Sharon 4-1209
Reimbursements from Personal Receipts- Non Travel Sharon 4-1209
Unusual purchases/situations Regina 4-4474
Don’t know who to start with Regina 4-4474
New Positions:
Advertising/establishing salary Regina 4-4474
Safety Issues:
Chemical/Fire/Security Soma 4-6448
BioSafety Joan 4-1421
Secretarial Assistance:
For secretarial assistance see Rachel. Alternatively, work can be given directly to Regina for assignment. This includes typing/forms/DHL/FedEx/In-house copying/etc.
Scientific Support Staff:
Physical Biochemistry Facility Claude 4-5147
Protein Expression Facility Joan 4-1421
X-ray Facility Soma 4-6448
MOB Student visas Jana 4-1012
All others Regina 4-4474


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