Fall 2018 

Every Thursday at 9:00 am, KLB 112

Date Meeting Type
1-10 Journal club
1-17 Anuska paper in depth
1-31 Journal club
2-7 Yu research update
2-14 Journal club
2-21 Travis paper in depth
2-28 Journal club
3-7 Anuska research update
3-14 Travis: practice talk 
3-21 canceled 
3-28 Journal club
4-4 Yu research update
4-11 Journal club
4-18 Anuska paper in depth
5-2 Journal club
5-9 Charlisa paper in depth
5-16 Journal club
5-23 Chong paper in depth
5-30 Journal club
6-6 Ethan paper in depth
6-13 Journal Club
6-20 Travis research update

Journal Club:

Each student/postdoc is assigned three or four journals (table above). You are responsible for searching for articles within your assigned journals (whether is it about or related to your research) to present to the rest of the lab on days when we have a journal club. During the lab meeting, each person gives a 5min overview of at least one article from his/her assigned journals. Pay extra attention to the experiments/methodologies of the article.

Paper in Depth:

Pick an article (from any journal) that is directly related to your own project and is of major interest to the lab. Make a presentation (~40min) where you introduce the paper, present its questions, findings, and conclusions, and, if possible, relate the results to your own work.

Student/Postdoc Presentation:

(Updated) Make a formal presentation as if you are presenting at a conference. Introduce your project to the rest of the lab with background and scientific questions. Explain the important and recent experiments you have performed in the lab including the methods you followed, any problems you encountered. Present the results of your experiments, your conclusions, and your plan for future experiments.

Name Journals 
Ge / Yu Science, Nature Structure and Molecular Biology, Nucleic Acids Research
Jana Molecular Cell, PNAS, Current Opinion in Structural Biology, J Mol Biol
 Anuska Cell, EMBO J, PLoS Biology, Acta Crystallographica D
Travis Nature, Molecular Microbiology, RNA Biology, Structure

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