Hu, Zhongjun

Zhongjun Hu

Molecular Biophysics Graduate Student
Major Professor: TBD

Lab: TBD


The protein structure is so delicate, so beautiful. How such a simple structure can realize the complicated function.  This is my interest.

Master of Science     Cell Biology     2010   Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Bachelor of Science   Applied Physics  2007     College of  Physics, Nankai University


  • Hu, Z., Tian, X., Zhai, Y., Xu, W., Zheng, D., and Sun, F. (2010). Cryo-electron microscopy reconstructions of two types of wild rabbit hemorrhagic disease viruses characterized the structural features of Lagovirus. Protein Cell 1, 48-58.
  • Huo, Y., Hu, Z., Zhang, K., Wang, L., Zhai, Y., Zhou, Q., Lander, G., Zhu, J., He, Y., Pang, X., et al. (2010). Crystal structure of group II chaperonin in the open state. Structure 18, 1270-1279.
  • Wang, L., Hu, Z.J., Luo, Y.M., Huo, Y.W., Ma, Q., He, Y.Z., Zhang, Y.Y., Sun, F., and Dong, Z.Y. (2010). Distinct symmetry and limited peptide refolding activity of the thermosomes from the acidothermophilic archaea Acidianus tengchongensis S5(T). Biochem Biophys Res Commun 393, 228-234.