Munoz, Nathalie

Nathalie Munoz

Molecular Biophysics Graduate Student
Major Professor: Dr. Tim Logan

Lab: 517 KLB (Kasha Laboratory Building)


I investigate metabolism of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hMSCs). In collaboration with the lab of Dr. Teng Ma, in the College of Engineering, we are studying how environmental cues, such as different oxygen levels, affect the metabolism of these types of cells. Potentially, this could have an impact in finding better conditions to grow and increment the viabiity of this cells in culture. I use analytical techniques to reach my objectives and different facilities available on campus.

BSc Chemistry (Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia).  2008.


Mouse class III myosins: kinase activity and phosphorylation sites. Jasbir S. Dalal, Stanley M. Stevens, Sophie Alvarez, Nathalie Munoz, Karen E. Kempler, Andrea C. Dose, Beth Burnside, Barbara-Anne Battelle. Journal of Neurochemistry, 19 (4). 772-784. 2011.