Cristian Escobar

Molecular Biophysics Graduate Student
Major Professor: Dr. Tim Cross

Lab: 4301 CSL (Chemical Sciences Laboratory)



I have been always interested in the application of biophysical tools to understand protein structure and ultimately, its function. As a graduate student in the Molecular Biophysics program my research mainly focuses in the application of Solid State NMR to study membrane proteins in a native-like environment. I’m specifically studying the structure of FtsX, a membrane protein of high relevance for cell division on Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other kinds of bacteria as well. In the laboratory, we apply different NMR methodologies that give us information that can be translated into structural restraints that will allow us to obtain a structural model at atomic level.

At the end, the knowledge obtained about the structure of FtsX and other related membrane proteins on M. tuberculosis could offer the opportunity for a rational development of drugs that may target these proteins, offering new possibilities to control tuberculosis disease in the future.

Bachelor degree in Biochemistry from the Universidad de Santiago de Chile, 2008.

Fulbright-CONICYT Equality of Opportunities Scholarship, from 2009 to 2014.