Wright, Anna

Anna Kozlova Wright

Molecular Biophysics Graduate Student
Major Professor: Dr. Tim Cross

Lab: 4301 CSL (Chemical Sciences Laboratory)
E-mail: ask09d@my.fsu.edu


Gaining structural insight into integral membrane proteins.
Biofunctionalization of anodic aluminum solid support with synthetic lipid bilayers and subsequent characterization of the nanotubular arrays formed within the pores.
Development of solid state NMR screening methodology aimed at membrane protein drug targets.

B.A. Degree in Chemistry, Pacific Lutheran University, WA  Concentration in Biochemistry, 2005-2009


  • Anna S. Kozlova, Timothy A. Cross, William W. Brey, Peter L. Gor’kov. 31P and 15N solid state NMR study for the development of a novel membrane protein drug screening methodology. February, 2012. Biophysics Society Meeting, San Diego CA
  • Anna S. Kozlova. Enhanced 31P and 15N solid-state NMR of aligned protein-ligand complexes in anodic aluminum oxide. April, 2011. ENC, Asilomar CA
  • Anna S. Kozlova, Myriam Cotten, Riqiang Fu. Characterization of hydrogen/deuterium exchange in the amphipathic helices of piscidin 1 and 3. March 23, 2009. ACS National Meeting, Salt Lake City UT


Myriam Cotten, Riqiang Fu, Eric D. Gordon, Elaina L. Daza, Anna S. Kozlova, Daniel J. Hibbard, Mallorie M. Taylor, Jeffrey J. Ditto, Milton Truong, High-Resolution Structure of Piscidin in Aligned Lipid Bilayers: Implications for Antimicrobial Mode of Action, Biophysical Journal, Volume 96, Issue 3.