CWdipFit – Dipolar CW analysis program by K.Ilker Sen, Jean Chamoun, and Peter Fajer

CWdipFit is a dipolarly broadened CW spectra analysis program which assumes Gaussian shaped distance distribution models, and utilizes curve fitting to find best parameters that broadens the singly labeled spectra. The program is written in Matlab, and is provided as source code. More information can be found in README.txt file.


-Desktop PC with non-ancient hardware
-Matlab with optimization toolbox. Please note that we haven’t tested DEFit with older versions of Matlab ( < v7.0.1)
-(optional) Statistics toolbox. This is only required for F-test


-Download latest version below.
-Extract to any folder.
-Run Matlab.
-Add the extracted folder to top of Matlab’s path.
-Run CWdipFit.m

Latest version is 0.37 (Summer 2009)
Download the zip file here.
README file is included in the package. You can also get it here.