Principal Investigator

P1030597-orig Dr. Peter Fajer
Director, Institute of Molecular Biophysics
Professor of Biological Science | Profile
Ph.D., University of Leeds, England, 1983

Office: 501 KLB
Lab: 510 KLB
Telephone: 850-645-1337


Laboratory Technician
Lee, Kindo
Kindo Lee




Lab Alumni

Ph.D Graduates Dissertation Title Last Known Position Year
Roni Rayes (MOB) Role of tropomyosin’s dynamics & the C-terminal domain of troponin I in the regulation of muscle contraction Post-Doc, McGill University Cedars Cancer Inst. Montreal (03/2013) 2011
Jean Chamoun (BIO) Troponin complex conformational changes upon calcium binding and phosphorylation Principal Scientist at Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co. 2008
Xiaojun Zhang (BIO) Conformational Change of Troponin I upon Muscle Activation Research Associate at USC 2008
Ilker Sen (MOB) Activation by Metal Binding of the Anthracis Repressor from Bacillus anthracis  Link to PHD Thesis Research Scientist at Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson (10/2013) 2006
Likai Song (BIO) Conformation of Troponin and Myosin in Muscle Contraction  Link Assistant Scholar Scientist, National High Magnet Field Laboratory, Tallahassee, FL 10/2013) 2005
Bruce Baumann (MOB) Dynamics and Orientation of Myosin Regulatory Domain 2002
Bishow Adhikari (MOB) Myosin Heads:  Modulation of Dynamics in Filaments and Orientation and Mobility of Fibers during Force Generation) Program Director, NIH, Bethesda MD  (06/2013) 1996
Drazen Raucher (MOB) Conformational Changes of Myosin Heads in Muscle Contraction Assoc. Professor, Univ. of Mississippi at Jackson, Medical Center (05/2012) 1995