XRF Floorplan

XRF located on the east side of fourth floor of Kasha Laboratory in the Institute of Molecular Biophysics encompasses several rooms and occupies approximately 1200 sq.ft. Detailed layout information about the rooms and amenities can be found  on the image above.

Last updated: June 19, 2019.

XRF Info

Facility Director

Contact and Address
Ph: 1-850-644-6448
Inst Molecular Biophysics, KLB 414
91 Chieftan Way
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4380
Facility Information (RRID:SCR_017922) Established in 1993, the XRF has served over 200+ users, including 30+ PIs from 9 institutions and has helped generate multitudes of peer reviewed publications.

Acknowledgement An acknowledgement is appropriate when a Facility and/or its Director is used for routine data collection, sample preparation, general advice, etc. When the Facility Director is involved at the level of method development, data analysis and interpretation, or other significant contribution to the project, (s)he should be included as a coauthor of the publication. Boot Camp For three-week period in early August XRF runs a Core Facility Practical Training Course (Boot Camp) for all new graduate students. More information about 2023 Boot Camp is available here.