Mar Charge Coupled Detector 165 (marCCD165)

mar-ccd165IMB XRF has one Mar Charge-coupled Device (CCD) 165 detector for collecting x-ray diffraction data of macromolecular single crystals using the copper rotating anode generator. This CCD was manufactured by Rayonix USA (formerly known as Mar USA) and has been a detector since 2000.

This marCCD165 is coupled to Rigaku RU-H2R generator, Osmic Confocal Purple mirror system, and Oxford Cryostream 600 cryo cooler. Due to the smaller pixel size (0.08mm) and variable sample-detector distance (35 to 375mm) the 165mm diameter detector can record both high and low resolution data in addition to large unit cell macromolecules.


Updated: November 18, 2015.