The WAVE Production System – for the production of high density suspension cultures.wave

The WAVE is available is several sizes; the 1 to 2 liter size is available in the PEF.  The WAVE is ideal for insect/Baculovirus system.  The high cell density allows a concentrated secreted recombinant protein product. The actual bioreactor is a disposable sterile bag with ports and outlets for adding media and cells and drawing off product.




BELLOCELL Production System


img003The BelloCell system allows the growth of higher density cultures which are aerated by a bellows system which moves air around and through the culture at a controlled rate. The additional aeration allows higher density growth of cells, desirable when a reduction in media usage and concentration of secreted product is desired.

Two liters of high density culture can be cultured in the four 500 ml bottles. For cells which require attachment, carriers manufactured from nylon can provide an attachment surface and the carriers plus cells can be suspended and cultured in these same bottles.