Protein Expression Facility Fee Structure

Protein Expression Facility Fee Schedule (Effective: November 2014)
Bacterial Expression
E.coli expression trial, per construct $46.00
Protein production from E.coli 2L culture $72.00
Baculovirus Expression
Expression optimization $53.00
Virus amplication and freeze of infected cell stock $43.00
Virus amplication and stock freeze back per Liter $116.00
Baculovirus production per construct/50 ml $12.00
Protein production in insect cells from 1L $175.00
Mammalian expression
Expression trial, per construct $41.00
Protein production in mammalian cell from 1L $170.00
Suspension culture protein expression, additional liter $48.50
Freeze of stock culture $39.00
Production of recombinant stable clone $264.00
Protein Purification
Single step (Affinity or Ion exchange) $70.00
Two steps (Affinity and SEC) $75.00
Multi-steps (Affinity, Ion Exchange, and SEC) $145.00