Protein Expression Facility Fee Structure

Protein Expression Facility Fee Schedule (Effective: November 2014)
Baculovirus Expression
Expression optimization $53.00
Expression optimization without media $48.00
Virus amplication and freeze of infected cell stock $43.00
Protein expression, scale-up/liter (PEF provided media) $114.00
Protein expression, scale-up/liter (User provided media) $70.00
Mammalian expression
Mini scale optimization of expression, multi-well plate assays (4-plates) $21.00
Transfection in mini dishes (8 dishes) $38.00
T-25 culture protein expression, small scale (4 flasks) $30.00
T-75 Culture protein expression, scale-up (4 flasks) $49.00
T-225 Culture protein expression, scale-up (4 flasks) $81.00
Roller Bottle culture protein expression, Scale-up (4 bottles) $108.00
Suspension culture protein expression, scale-up (1 liter) $56.00
Suspension culture protein expression, additional liter $48.50
Use of 10% fetal calf serum (per liter media) $65.00
Use of 5% calf serum (per liter media) -$5.60
Freeze of stock culture $39.00
Production of recombinant stable clone $264.00


Core Facility Contacts
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