Protein Expression Facility Fee Structure

Protein Expression Facility Fee Schedule (Effective: November 2014)
Bacterial Expression
E.coli expression trial, per construct $80.50
Protein expression and production from E.coli 2L culture $117.50
Protein expression and production from E.coli, additional 2L (up to 24L) $12.00
Cell pellet production, E.coli, per liter $34.70
Baculovirus Expression
Insect cell pellet production, per liter $169.50
Baculovirus production per construct/50 ml $5.25
Protein production in insect cells from 1L $206.50
Mammalian expression
Expression trial, per construct $90.75
Protein production in mammalian cell from 1L $216.75
Suspension culture protein expression, additional liter $48.50
Protein Purification
Single step $74.50
Two steps $127.00
Three steps $186.50
Endotoxin removal $100.00
Tag cleavage with protease $45.50
Additional services
Cell counter (Countess 2) $2.50
Competent cell (BL21, BL21(DE3),DH5alpha, Top10, Rosetta(DE3)

SoluBL21, XL10-gold, Nico21(DE3), BL21-Codonplus(DE3)-RIPL, DH10B, DH10Bac

Proteases (Ulp1, 3C protease) $2.63
Enzymes (T7 RNA Polymerase) $2.63

* For a cost estimate for your external project, please contact the facility director.