Physical Biochemistry Workshop



The PBF Workshop for new graduate students will be offered in early August in conjunction with workshops on protein expression and X-Ray Crystallography.  The Physical Biochemistry facility hosts a number of biophysical techniques researchers need as they solve scientific puzzles presented by the projects they are working on.  The aim of the workshop is to bring the students up to speed with the basic and fundamental principles of operation of biophysical instruments hosted in the PBF.

The workshops are mostly half a day combination of brief lectures and hand-on operation of the instruments.  We will perform data analysis and interpretation of the results.  Because of the interactive nature of the workshops, all the materials are found on the Physical Biochemistry Facility Blackboard site.  Students will be enrolled onto the blackboard site and are expected to exchange ideas and interact with each other as well as complete surveys after each module.  These surveys are used to improve the workshops.  Please login to the PBF Blackboard site.


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