Other Small Equipment

The PBF can be considered a dry lab and therefore most sample preparations are done at the user’s lab. However, the PBF has small equipment used for measuring, mixing and routine analysis of samples. The PBF has an assortment of small equipment listed below:

UV/Vis and Fluorescence Nanodrop

The Nanodrop ND 1000 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer and the ND3000 Fluorescence enable highly accurate analysis of 1-2uL samples with remarkable reproducibility. There are no cuvettes needed and this increases sample analysis throughput.


The VWR Galaxy Mini Micro centrifuge is the smallest unit in the Galaxy line. Its small footprint and compact design make it ideal for personal use,  either on the bench or in a cold room. Two rotors are supplied with the Galaxy Mini. The standard rotor holds six 1.5/2.0mL micro tubes. Adapters supplied with the unit allow spinning of smaller tubes as well. The strip rotor accepts two 8.0×0.2mL strip tubes, or sixteen individual 0.2mL tubes.

Operation of the centrifuge is simple. Upon closing the lid, the rotor quickly accelerates to 6000rpm. The resulting g-force is perfect for quick spin downs from the caps and walls of tubes as well as microfiltration’s.

Used for rapid mixing and can be operated at variable speed control allowing slow speed shaking action up to high speed vortexing. Several attachments are available which are designed to produce different mixing actions. Users can choose the correct action for each application.
Eppendorf Centrifuge 5417R

– Fast Cool function: from room temperature to 4°C in approx. 15 min*

– Timer up to 99 min or continuous run

– Temperature settings from -9 to 40°C*

– Automatic imbalance detection

The NAR-1T is an Abbe refractometer of standard type, measures refractive indices of liquids and solids quickly and accurately. It is designed to give refractive indices of D line without using a sodium lamp.  The Abbe Analog Refractometer, Refractive Index (nD) – 1.3000-1.7000, Brix Range – 0.0-95.0%, ATC – NO, Temperature Range – 0.0-50.0 Deg. Celsius
pH Meter, BioKit; accumet Basic AB15 Plus pH/mV° C; -1.999-19.999pH range; 0.1/0.01/0.001pH resolution; Double-junction combo; pH/ATC electrode for Tris-buffer and ATC probe to support arm and bracket; 115V 60Hz


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