Machine Shop

machineshopThe Shop

The machine shop, located on the first floor of the Kasha Laboratory Building, is one of the research shops available to all the members of Institute of Molecular Biophysics. It has precision lathes, milling machines,  electrical saws and other machinery needed to design, build and repair equipment needed for research work.

The people

Wade Baggett has over twenty years of machine shop experience. He designs and builds specialized small and medium-sized equipment needed by our laboratories, as well as keeping equipment in good repair. He is also responsible for monitoring building maintenance needs and for training in the proper use of autoclaves.


Advanced shop equipment allows for machining of stainless steel, aluminum and delrin.



Core Facility Contacts
Computer Resources Facility 
Director: Dr. Michael Zawrotny
Phone: 850-644-0069
Maillist: IMBPeople
Location: KLB 415
Physical Biochemistry Facility
Director: Dr. Peter Randolph
Phone: 850-644-5147
Location: KLB 311-318
Protein Expression Facility
Director: Dr. Gwimoon Seo
Phone: 850-644-1421
Location: KLB 312 Suite
X-Ray Facility
Director: Dr. T. "Soma"sundaram
Phone: 850-644-6448
Location: KLB 410-413
Common Equipment Labs
Contact: Rick Wang 850-645-3309
Machine Shop & Building Maintenance
Contact: Wade Baggett 850-644-1419