Poster Preparation and Printing Instructions

IMB has installed a new poster printer in late 2016 and the model number is HP DesignJet Z5200. It is located in the fourth floor of IMB (KLB 418). This printer is a PostScript printer and so always use the PostScript driver (rather than the PCL3 driver) for trouble-free printing. Given below is a simple instruction for preparing and printing a poster.

Note: Plan to print your poster at least two-days ahead of the deadline. During important conference and symposium season, plan to print at least three-days ahead of the deadline. Paper and ink usage during conference season is unpredictable and advance planning on your part is required to avoid delays. Always check the amount of available poster paper before start printing. We usually stock only 36″ high poster paper. If you have questions, please contact Michael Zawrotny or Thayumana Somasundaram for assistance ahead of time.

Preparing the poster using PowerPoint 2016


  • Make your slide using your own template
    • If you make your own slide, ensure the following:
      • PowerPoint 2016: Select Design>Slide Size>Custom Slide>
      • Specify Width: 48″; Height: 36″; Orientation>Slides: Landscape
 Design>Slide Size> Custom Slide  Width: 48″; Height: 36″; Landscape DesignJetZ5200ps PS3 Printer Properties


Printing the poster

You can download the PostScript driver for HP DesignJet Z5200 from HP website and install it in your computer and point to the poster printer. Alternatively, you can bring your poster in a flash drive to the Windows-7 computer next the poster printer in KLB 418 and print from that computer.

Either way, follow the simple instructions for printing a 48″ x 36″ (W x H) poster.  Under HP DesignJet Z5200ps PS3 Printer Properties, select the following in each of the tabs shown below. Don’t use “Show Preview before Printing”, it may delay or hold up the job until the preview is accepted and not all computers are capable showing the Preview!

Advanced Tab>  Size E Printing Shortcuts Tab> Factory Default Paper Quality Tab> Standard Options
Features Tab> Print Document on “E” Color Tab> Print in Color and all defaults  Finally click “Print”

Updated: March 14, 2017 by TS.