John G. Wise, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Southern Methodist University


Title: Understanding and Fighting Multidrug Resistance in Cancer


The seminar will discuss our attempts at understanding one of the molecular mechanisms of multidrug resistances in cancer chemotherapy through the use of high performance computational approaches and biochemical, biophysical, and human cancer cell culture techniques. One cause of multidrug resistance is the over-expression of specific members of the ABC-transporter family of proteins. The seminar will center on two of these proteins, P-glycoprotein and the Breast Cancer Resistance Protein, that are known to cause a large percentage of cancer chemotherapy failures.  Simulations of catalysis as well as high throughput drug screening has allowed us to identify several small molecules that reverse multidrug resistances in ovarian and prostate cancer cells. Characterization and optimization of these “hit” molecules will be discussed.