Structural Biology/Biochemistry Seminar
11:15 am – 12:30 pm  |  112 KLB

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

“The BioCAT Facility at the Advanced Photon Source”

irvingDr. Tom Irving

Executive Associate Chair, Biology Division, BCS Department
Director, Biophysics Collaborative Access Team (BioCAT)
Professor of Biology and Physics
Illinois Institute of Technology
Host:  Dr. Ken Taylor

Research & Accomplishments

My research interests focus on the use of biophysical techniques to study the molecular basis for muscle physiology. My major research tool is small-angle X-ray diffraction which I use to study the ordered structures in muscle on the nm length scale. a major part of my R&D efforts go towards developing the BioCAT project, an NIH funded X-ray diffraction, scattering and spectroscopy facility at the Advanced Photon Source located at Argonne National labs, for a national and international community of users. This facility is arguably one of the best in the world for muscle studies of non-crystalline biological systems such as muscle and proteins in solution.


  • Biophysics of muscle contraction, non-crystalline x-ray diffraction, synchrotron radiation instrumentation


  • Operate a Biotechnology Research Center at the Advanced Photon Source for non-crystalline diffraction scattering and x-ray spectroscopy of biological molecules, collaboration with NIH/NCRR
  • Deduce the structural and functional l roles of My-BP-C in cardiac muscle contraction, collaboration with University of Wisconsin/NIH
  • Deduce the structural and functional and structural roles of titin in muscle contraction, collaboration with University of Arizona/NIH