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Louis Kolling’s work from the Fadool lab “Modulating the Excitability of Olfactory Output Neurons Affects Whole-Body Metabolism” is featured in the cover of the Journal of Neuroscience.

His work is also featured in the “This Week in the Journal” section of the journal.

Pancreatic β-cells (bottom) respond to glucose (yellow spheres) by releasing insulin (purple spheres) in pulses with a, ~5-min period (oscillations above cells). In high glucose (red curves), pulses are driven by oscillations in cytosolic calcium entering from outside the cell (red spheres, producing oscillation inside cell). In basal glucose, insulin pulses have similar frequency but reduced amplitude. Calcium oscillations are too small to drive secretion (blue oscillation inside cell), which we propose are driven by metabolic oscillations. This is analogous to a hybrid car powered by the gas engine at high speeds but an electric motor at low speeds. From: Fletcher PA, Marinelli I, Bertram R, Satin LS, Sherman AS.Physiology 37: 214-221, 2022. doi:10.1152/physiol.00044.2021
Grad made good!! Dr. Dylan Murray has been awarded a PRAT fellowship through NIH, and will continue his work with Dr. Robert Tycko at the NIH  National Institute of Diabetes and Murray-cropDigestive and Kidney Diseases.  Only 9 new fellowships were awarded this year. Dylan graduated from the MOB program in 2014 from the lab of Dr. Tim Cross. to Austin Schwartz! He has been awarded a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award from NIH.  Austin is a 4th year MOB student in the lab of Dr. Debi Fadool.
Hu-Zhongjun-crop2-150x150Congratulations to Martin Tsui and Zhongjun Hu! They have been awarded  American Heart Association Fellowships. Martin is a 3rd year MOB student in the lab of Dr. Hong Li.Tsui-crop21
Zhongjun is a 3rd year MOB student in the lab of Dr. Ken Taylor.
Zhang, ZhihuiZhihui Zhang was awarded a $650 travel grant from the Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics, and $500 from the Ermine Owenby Travel Award. She will present research at a conference in May. Zhihui is a 4th year MOB student in the lab of Dr. Oliver Steinbock.
Wright, AnnaCongratulations to MOB student, Anna Kozlova Wright, for winning a Dissertation Research Grant from the FSU Graduate School for the Spring 2015 semester. Anna is a 5th year student in the lab of Dr. Tim Cross.
Hariri coverA Fall 2014 graduate of the MOB Program, Dr. Hanaa Hariri is first author on this publication in the Journal of Molecular Biology: The magazine cover art reflects her work, created with help of Alice Grischencko, a student in the FSU Arts Department. Dr. Hariri was a student in Dr. Scott Stagg’s Lab.
Kudos to the labs of Dr. Hank Bass and Dr. Beth Stroupe, Molecular Biophysics and Biological Science faculty members, on this groundbreaking research. MOB student, Mykhailo Kopylov, is also co-author on the paper.Maize cover“The research has identified DNA elements in maize that could affect the expression of hundreds or thousands of genes.Researchers found 150,000 sequence motifs that could theoretically adopt the G4 DNA structure, and they were distributed all over the chromosomes. Further examination showed that they were present in very specific places, as opposed to a random distribution.Given the strategic placement, the G4 is likely to perform some sort of function. Preliminary work showed that many of the genes identified were implicated in responses to energy crises within plant cells.”
P1030557 - Copy MOB student Ryan Riskowski, one of ten students selected to compete in the 3-Minute Thesis Competition, is in the lab of Dr. Geoffrey Strouse.
  • crystal-gryphon-systemOne of the bottlenecks in the three dimensional structure determination using X-Ray Crystallography is the crystallization of macromolecules and their complexes. Robotic liquid handlers reduce this barrier to crystallization by sampling multiple conditions quickly and precisely while reducing the amount of sample required. Drs Hong Li, M. Elizabeth Stroupe, Michael Blaber, Daniel Kaplan, Brian Miller, and Thayumanasamy Somasundaram have been awarded $49,000 during the Round 18 of Equipment and Infrastructure Enhancement Grant from the Office of Research to acquire an ARI Crystal Gryphon Robot. This equipment is available to everyone on the campus. For more details please visit