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P1030557 - Copy Ryan Riskowski – Entered Fall 2010
Dr. Geoffrey Strouse’s lab
College: University of Nebraska, Omaha (BA Physics, 2010)
Nationality: US
Research: the uses of the optical properties of metal and semiconductor nano-particles to track intracellular events, monitor intracellular environments, and measure conformational dynamics of intracellular proteins, RNA and DNA.
Anna Kozlova Wright – Entered Fall 2009
Dr. Tim Cross’ Lab
College: Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma WA (BA Biochemistry, 2009)
Nationality: US, speaks fluent Russian
Research: Gaining structural insight into integral membrane proteins.
Biofunctionalization of anodic aluminum solid support with synthetic lipid bilayers and subsequent characterization of the nanotubular arrays formed within the pores.
Development of solid state NMR screening methodology aimed at membrane protein drug targets.
P1030932 - Copy
P1030057 - Copy Martin Tsui – Entered Fall 2012
Dr. Hong Li lab
College: University of California, San Diego
(BS Chemistry, 2012)
Nationality:  Hong Kong
Research: Structural and biophysical study of proteins using X-ray crystallography and electron microscopy. Previous research experience included wild-type HIV-1 integrase, mercuric ion transporter (UCSD), and wobble base pair oligonucletodie affects DNase activity using NMR (CUHK).
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