Caspar Structural Biology Symposium

Saturday and Sunday, January 7-8, 2017

Chemical Sciences Laboratory Auditorium (CSL 1003)

Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306-4390


The event organizers have requested event parking from FSU Transportation Services at the Student Parking spaces (White Parking Lots). Parking will be available at  Tuly Gym West Lot {GPS Co-ordinates: 30.442666, -84.302961} and at Spirit Way Lot {GPS Co-ordinates: 30.442296, -84.303793} at the intersection of Spirit Way and Chieftan Way and directly across Tully Gymnasium (FSU Parking Map). Additional parking is available at East Salley Lot GPS Co-ordinates: 30.445623, -84.302409} at the intersection of West Call Street and Chieftan Way. All the parking lots are walking distance from the Chemical Sciences Laboratory (CSL) where the event is being held.


Maps and Layouts

The event is being held at the Chemical Sciences Laboratory (CSL) Auditorium which is located off of the Chieftan Way. The location map of  CSL and its surrounding is shown below:

2016 Florida Core Network Event 3 Venue

Updated: December 08, 2016.